Environmental and Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Welcome to my website,

I'm a Chilean Civil Engineer with a strong interest in environmental and industrial fluids. My academic activities are related to the understanding and prediction of the relationship between turbulent fluid motion, the transport of dissolved and particulates substances and their link to human-made and environmental structures. In particular, I am interested in the dynamics of turbulent coherent structures and their environmental role. These structures can develop in rivers, coastal areas, pipes, the atmosphere, or when a flow is forced by single or groups of obstacle. Obstacles are everywhere in the natural and built environment, therefore the improvement of the understanding and modelling of their interaction with turbulent flows is crucial for the description of environmental processes or to predict the effects they can cause in the environment.

My approach is mainly experimental, thus my research strongly intersect aspects of applied optics, computer vision, signal processing and electronics.

I hope that this pages are of the interest of the reader. If you are a motivated and outstanding student, I would be delighted to support your application for a PhD with me as advisor. Please feel free to contact me (see navigation panel)

Wernher Brevis, Santiago, 2018